Cranberry Twp. HOA Forum Meeting Notes – Jun 8, 2020

All residents,

The Crossings HOA participated in the quarterly Cranberry Twp., HOA Forum.   The following are the notes from the meeting on Jun 8, 2020.


Covid-19 Updates

  • CranFest - This is Cranberry's Nationality and Diversity fair has been moved to October.
  • Community Days and Fireworks are canceled for 2020
  • Concerts in the Parks are also canceled
  • The Community Response Team that was set up to help residents with things in need will be institutionalized and will be continued in the future.   For more information, please go to
  • Municipal Center is Now Open.   Offices are open with social distancing restrictions.
  • Camp Cranberry - This is the summer childcare program and it will be starting on June 28th.
  • Parks and Playgrounds are now all open with the normal restrictions in place

Cranberry Projects

  • New Fire Truck was delivered during the pandemic
  • Cranberry Township Community Chest Project of the Year will be an upgrade of the amphitheater in the Cranberry Park.   This project is currently going out to bid and will be completed by 2021 community days.
  • The tunnel under 228 has been started
  • Freedom Road Project - New bridge pieces are in places and they will be finishing up the southbound lane.  Traffic will be diverted and then they will begin on the northbound lanes
    • There was a complaint about mud on Freedom Road makes it unable to see the lines.   The suggestion was that the arrows and lines should be repainted.   The HOA Forum will be taking this suggestion back to the road crews.
  • Rochester Road - Improvements will begin shortly near the Meeder development.   This project was delayed due to the restrictions in the past.

Waterpark Updates

  • Water park will open on June 20th, 2020.   A Website is set up for residents:
  • All the information is available on the website above.   This will also list all new restrictions.
  • If you are not a member of the waterpark, you cannot bring guests to the waterpark.
  • If the waterpark is near capacity a message will be posted on Cranberry Twp.'s Facebook page and the above website.   You should check the status before you go to make sure that there is still capacity.

Township Development Update

  • Meeder - The next phases are beginning shortly.  The apartment complex construction has also begun.
  • Recon Brewing - This is the brewery that will be opening in Meeder.   The building permit will be issued this week
  • Coffee Shop - There will be a coffee shop opening in Meeder.   This building permit will be issued this week
  • Indoor Dog Park - This is on Rochester road and construction will begin shortly

Block Party Trailer

  • The block party trailer is now available for booking for HOAs.  The Crossings HOA will be discussing this on the next board meeting.


  • There was a question about garage sales in Cranberry Twp.   There are no restrictions for hosting garage sales other than the normal CDC guidelines
  • There was a question about Food Trucks in HOA and if there are any restrictions.   Cranberry Twp. has no restriction on food trucks in developments.   Their only request is pay attention to traffic and rules on where to place the food truck.