HOA Board Meeting Minutes – Jun 17, 2015

The Crossings Homeowners Association

Board Meeting

Date:   Jun 17, 2015

Location: Bogdon Residence


The meeting began promptly at 7:00pm at the Bogdon residence.   The following board members were present: Brian Kile, Jim Lacey, Ken Chrin, Ray Speicher, Chris Bogdon.    Kevin Sullivan was unable to attend.

No Crossings residents were present for the open floor portion of the meeting

The minutes of the May 13th monthly meeting were read and approved.


Treasurer’s Report

            Savings Account:      $ 5726.92

Checking Account:    $ 20,363.86

We have received 6 resale certificates for houses being sold in the Crossings.   There are an additional 5 other houses for sale

One house is still outstanding on the HOA dues for 2015. This house is currently in foreclosure.


Grounds Report

A house on Crossing Ridge Trail’s tree was struck by lightning.   We are waiting for them to show us that the tree is in fact in the common area.

A floodlight has been replaced on Hunting Ridge Trail

A motion was discussed to look at the entrances to the parks and try to re landscape them since there are a lot of dead plants and items.   A proposal is to replace them with low maintenance stuff and bushes. Proposal is to do some this year and some next.

There is a discussion on the quality of the guardrails on Crossing Ridge Trail. We are going to provide an update at the next meeting as to an action plan to replace.



We currently have 156 people registered for the website.   And we have 63 people registered with our Facebook page.

We discussed the idea of a welcoming committee to help register new people in the neighborhood.   We are going to discuss with residents who are interested

The Crossings Neighborhood website is officially registered on the Cranberry Twp. Website.


New Business

Two residents would like to join the board.   We are going to talk to both residents and see if they are interested.  We are planning to invite both to the next board meeting to discuss.

House on Trowbridge is not listed for a Sheriff’s Sale on Friday.   The next sale is not until August. Bank will continue to take care of the lawn until it is sold.

Park Place Phase 2 has been stalled for a period of time. A revised Phase 2 Plan is under consideration by the Township and should be approved this summer so that construction can resume later this year or early next year.  The revised Phase 2 Plan will include a connection to our neighborhood.

Cranberry Twp. contacted us to offer to connect Park Place to Trowbridge Place and the township will officially pay for the sidewalk but we will be responsible for maintaining it.  We voted for this and it makes sense to do it.

Garage Sale is Next Week June 26th and June 27th

Cranberry Cup has been organized and T-Shirt ordering forms have been placed in everyone mailbox.

Slow Down Campaign – Campaign is over   All signs will be returned or used for next campaign

Next Business

The next meeting of the HOA board is schedule for 7:00pm on Wednesday, July 15th at 7:00pm at the Speicher’s Resident at 110 Crossing Ridge Trail.   As always, anyone wishing to provide comments and concerns is asked to join us for the first 30 minutes open-floor session of our meeting.


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