Crossing’s Annual HOA Board Meeting Minutes – June 7, 2019

The Crossings Homeowners Association

Annual Board Meeting

Date:  Jun 7, 2019

Location: Phase One Common Area

Meeting started at 7:00 PM. All board members were present.  We had two residents attend the meeting.  Previous month’s minutes were approved.

Treasurers Report:

Checking -      $15,578.66

Savings -           $ 5738.33

Escrow -          $1,100.18

There are 8  resale certificates issued and there are no houses currently for sale. 

The resident who has not paid their escrow deposit has agreed to pay the required amount.


We have received a quote of $5200 to connect the Crossing Ridge Trail to Hunting Ridge Trail.  We have decided to postpone this project until the future due to budgetary issues.

We have received a price quote for a firepit in the Phase One Common Area however, the price is too high.   We are still investigating other options for the Phase One Common Area.

We have been working with JML Landscaping to address the concerns that everyone has.   We are confident that the problems will be fixed in the future.   We are going to do another walk-through to ensure all areas are maintained.

Web Site and Social Media:

The Crossing’s HOA Website has 182 (0) users registered.   There are also 164 (+1) Facebook members in the Crossings Neighborhood Group.


Our block party will occur on July 3rd.   More information will be provided.  We are discussing the possibility of showing a movie for all the kids.

Old Business:

The re-writing the bylaws are tabled for now.   These bylaws represent the rules of the HOA Board.

New Business:

We had one resident discuss the problem of ponding of water in their backyard.   We have referred them to the appropriate department in Cranberry Twp to address their concerns.

We had one resident incur damage from a tree that fell down from the common areas.   This problem has been addressed

We have heard from several residents about sidewalks that are damaged in the Crossings.   As a reminder, it is each individual home owners responsibility.  This is outlined in both the HOA Covenants:

7.25. Sidewalks — Installation, Location, Composition, and Maintenance. Prior to occupancy of any dwelling in the Plan, three foot (3') sidewalks must be installed within the street right-of-way line in front of the Lot at the uniform location specified by the Municipality. Composition of sidewalks must be three foot (3') in width, four inches (4”) thick, constructed of poured, untinted concrete, broom finished with smooth edges. Lot owners are required to keep the sidewalks in front of their properties in good repair and in a non-hazardous condition. This includes timely snow and ice removal.

And in Cranberry Township’s Ordinances located at:

According to Cranberry Twp., the sidewalk is a code violation if sidewalks are more than 2 inches higher or lower than the adjacent piece.    Please maintain your sidewalks since it could be a very costly violation for a resident.

Keith Meyer decided not to serve on the board any longer.   In addition, Andrew Welch expressed interest in joining the HOA Board.   Keith will still serve over the next few months while Andrew comes up to speed.



Brian Kile

Vice President

Mike Kendlick

First Vice President/Social Chair

Carrie Silvers


Jim Lacey

Director - Grounds

Keith Meyer/Andrew Welch

Secretary/Social Media Chair

Chris Bogdon

Asst. Secretary/Treasurer

Brenda Haney


Upcoming Events:

Neighborhood Block Party – Wed Jul 3rd -  Phase One Common Area


Next Meeting:

The next board meeting will be on Wednesday Jun 26th at 7:00pm.  It will be held at the Phase One Pavilion.



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