Now that it is getting darker earlier, it is very important important that all residents maintain an active and working post light.  We are having many children in our neighborhood getting on and off  school buses when it is still dark outside.  A working post light is important for their safety.  In addition, it is part of the covenants:

7.13 Exterior Lamp Placement.  Each Owner of an improved Lot must install and maintain a self-illuminating (unless the builder installed a switch) lamp and lamp post in the front of the property.  In the interest of safety, each owner is required to make sure the lamp is on from dusk to dawn each day.  Violation of this covenant shall subject the Owner to fine of not more than Twenty-five Dollars ($25) per month for each month that the Owner fails to remedy such violation following written notice of the violation from the Board.

There are multiple people in the development that do not have a working lamp in the front of their house.  We  are reminding all residents that this rule is important for the safety and security in our development.  As a result, the board will begin assessing residents who are not actively maintaining a post light.

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