HOA Board Meeting Minutes – Jan 8, 2014

The Crossings Homeowners Association


Board Meeting

Date: January 8, 2014 at 7:00pm

Location: Kraynik Residence

The meeting began promptly at 7:00 PM at the Kraynik residence. The following board members were present: Jack Curran; Brian Kile; Chuck Kraynik; Jim Lacey; Ray Speicher; and Kevin Sullivan. Work obligations prevented Chris Bogdon from attending.
No Crossings residents were present for the open floor portion of the meeting.


The minutes of the December 4, 2013 meeting were read and approved.

Treasurer's Report

As of January 8, 2014:

Savings Account balance -     $5,722.63
Checking Account balance - $19,040.20

67 payments have been received for 2014 HOA dues.
Grounds Report
Several items were recorded in the notes from the October meeting that would be remedied in the Spring of 2014. So that we don’t lose sight of these, we will include them in the minutes of each meeting until then. These include:

  • Remove and replace shrubs at the Stonehenge entrance to the plan.
  • Check into some tall grass plantings for the Phase 2 retention pond area.
  • Phase 1 pavilion and picnic table repairs and repainting of the playground equipment.
  • The damaged fence on Winchester Court caused by a free-space tree that fell was reviewed with the homeowner. It was agreed that the tree removal will be done in spring 2014 and the fence damage will be repaired.

Ray Speicher is investigating cost and availability of a weatherproof, bulletin-board type sign. As discussed at the December meeting, this would be used for news and announcements of events pertinent to homeowners in The Crossings. There will be more discussion on this topic at our next meeting.

Another observation survey will be done this month to identify homes that do not have working post lamps. These homeowners will be contacted by letter requesting that they become compliant with this covenants requirement.

In an attempt to increase homeowner attendance and participation, the Board is still considering ideas about the venue and agenda for this year’s Annual Meeting.

The nomination letters for anyone seeking a position on the HOA Board were sent in December.

New Business

Brian Kile provided an update on the development of Park Place. The next phase has been approved by the township supervisors and when the developer presents an updated plan map, Brian will get a copy that we can post to our web-site.

Karen Kraynik volunteered to work toward re-establishing a welcome visit and small gift pack for new neighbors moving into The Crossings. Some of us remember how much we appreciated being welcomed when we moved here. Doing this is a good opportunity to familiarize new neighbors with the many things that make The Crossings such a great place to live.

The Board received comments from a homeowner objecting to the Board’s decision last summer to purchase T-shirts for The Crossings softball team that participates in The Cranberry Cup tournament. After last year’s tournament they were collected and will be re-used. This homeowner requested reimbursement of his share of this expenditure estimated to be approximately $3.00. There was no motion made to act on this request.

The next meeting is scheduled for February 12th at 7pm at the Speicher residence at 110 Crossing Ridge Trail.






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