REMINDER: Crossings HOA Dues – Due in 1 Week: Jan 31, 2019

This is a reminder that the HOA Dues are due in one week.

The Annual Dues/Assessment for the Crossings HOA for 2019 will be $172.50 per year if paid in full by January 31, 2019.    The failure to pay any Annual Assessment on or before the due date, therefore, shall cause the whole annual assessment to then become due and payable and shall bear interest from the due date at the rate of six percent (6%) per annum.   Additionally, the HOA shall have the right to charge late fees in the amount of $25.00 per month.   Payments are to be mailed to the address listed below, do not place in mailboxes, or drop off to any board members homes.   Please refer to the new covenants sec. 4.4 and 4.76 for clarification.

Please remember that the dates listed above are the "Postmark required by" dates, interest and monthly fees will be enforced for late postmarked payments.

Mail to:
The Crossings Homeowners Association
PO Box 1691
Cranberry Twp., PA 16066
Attn: Treasurer

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