• HOA Board Meeting Minutes – Jul 26, 2017

    The Crossings Homeowners Association

    Board Meeting

    Date:   Jul 26, 2017

    Location: Common Area

    Meeting started at 7:00 PM. All board members were present except Mike Kendlick.  There were no residents present.

    Treasurers Report:

    Checking - $12273.34

    Savings - $ 5732.63

    We have received 2 resale certificates so far in 2017.


    We recently renewed the contract with Jessen Tree Service to take care of any tree issues that arise within the development.

    We are going to contact several landscaping companies to provide a quotation for placing gravel down at the entrances to the various common areas.  The hope is that gravel will be less expensive that the current wood chips that we are using and they will last longer.

    Web Site and Social Media:

    The Crossing’s HOA Website has 173 users registered.   There are also 131 Facebook members in the Crossings Neighborhood Group.

    We will be sending around a notice to get more people to sign up for the website and Facebook pages in the next mailing to all residents.


    The social committee unfortunately has to cancel the movie night on Friday July 28th.   We will be rescheduling this and it will be a “Back To School Bash”.  Please stay tuned for more information on the Facebook page and website and for the actual date.

    The Social committee is also working on details for a Halloween and Holiday parties.   Stay tuned for some excited ideas planned for these events.

    Old Business:

    There is no date set yet for the Sheriff’s sales of the abandoned house on Trowbridge Court.

    We have reviewed the amended covenants and provided minor changes and details.   They will now be sent to the Lawyer for final review.   Once the Lawyer approves, we will send the ballot to all neighbors to vote on the amended covenants.

    We are working with a resident in the neighborhood that will help with providing an updated directory for all residents.

    New Business:

    The Cranberry Cup will be August 5th and August 6th.   We invite all residents to the games to cheer on the Crossings Neighborhood Team.

    A resident asked about the follow up to a previous action item to move a trash can from the phase two common area to the phase one area.   The individual who has volunteered is still planning to move the trash can.

    A resident asked about the possibility of connecting the trails on Hunting Ridge to Crossing Ridge.   This was discussed at the current board meeting and we believe it is cost prohibitive due to building the trail that will not be washed away from the runoff.

    We are currently following up with a covenant violation in one of the rental units.

    Upcoming Events:

    TBD – “Back to School Bash”

    Next Meeting:

    The next board meeting will be held on Aug 30 at 7:00 PM at the Phase 1 Common area.


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