Crossings HOA Board Meeting Minutes – 8-12-2020

The Crossings Homeowners Association
Monthly Board Meeting
Date:  August 12, 2020
Location: Phase One Common Area

The meeting started at 7:00 PM. All board members were present except Brenda Haney and Chris Bogdon. No residents were present. The previous month’s minutes were approved.

Treasurers Report:
Checking -       $16,531.42
Savings -          $ 5741.95
Escrow -           $ 1601.09
There have been 5 resale certificates issued.
Repairing the culvert and gravel for the trail from Hunting Ridge Trail is done.   They did a nice job and would like to see if we can get a quote to continue gravel up to wood chips and the to edge of the park.

We had the trailhead at Stonehenge sprayed for weeds and we are getting a quote to put wood chips down.
North Hills tree services will give us free wood chips.  The Crossings will have to find the labor and equipment to spread it.   We are looking into seeing if this is feasible.

A resident asking is the down trees in the Common Area on Winchester Court could be cleaned up.  We are currently looking into making this a new trail from Winchester to the park.

The fallen tree by Park Place has been removed then the stump tipped back over.   The cost was $450 and we are trying to get it reimbursed from Park Place’s HOA.

We have not made any progress in getting a quote for power to the pavilion.

The Crossings will need to do a Special Assessment in 2021 and 2022 for Storm Water Detention Pond maintenance.   We are soliciting bids to get a cost estimate.  This maintenance is mandated by Cranberry Twp. and the Pennsylvania DEP.   We are required to have the ponds inspected every fall and send a report to the township.

Web Site and Social Media:
The Crossing’s HOA Website now has 166 (+2) users registered.  There are also 188 (+4) Facebook members in the Crossings Neighborhood Group.
The July 24th Happy Hour Social was a huge success and we will be sending out a survey to see if this is something we want to continue.

The Crossings HOA will be purchasing trash receptacles for special events in the park.   They will only be placed in the park during HOA events.
Old Business:

New Business:
Please clean up after yourself in the park.  We have gotten a lot of complaints regarding garbage being left behind in the park.

A fence plan on Winchester Court was approved.

Ryan Sydlik will be replacing Brenda on the board.   Thank you, Brenda, for your 2 years of service on the board.
Upcoming Events:
Sept 24 and 25th Neighborhood Garage Sale
Next Meeting:
The next board meeting will be on Sept 16th at the Phase 1 Common Area.