Crossings HOA Meeting Meeting – April 22, 2020

The Crossings Homeowners Association
HOA Board Meeting
Date:  April 22, 2020
Location: Virtual Meeting

The meeting started at 7:00 PM. All board members were present except Brenda Haney. There were no residents present.  The previous month’s minutes were approved.
Treasurers Report:
Checking -      $23,277.99
Savings -           $ 5,740.69
Escrow -          $1,600.69
There have been 2 resale certificates issued.
We have received dues payments from 150 residents.  
Mike, Jim and Andrew are the new grounds committee


The HOA board has decided that the Culvert separating Crossing Ridge Trail and Hunting Ridge Trail will be repaired in June as well as some trees that need to be cut down.


The Crossings HOA removed a tree that was about to fall on a person’s swing set on Hunting Ridge Trail.


A tree was removed on Durham Place that was about to fall and damage properties.  We were contacted by a resident with a concern about the tree being removed. We will be addressing his concerns directly with the resident.

Web Site and Social Media:
The Crossing’s HOA Website has 185 (+2) users registered.   There are also 178 (+8) Facebook members in the Crossings Neighborhood Group.
Due to the new residents in the Crossings, we will be contacting all residents to let them know about the website and the Facebook groups. We will be placing a document in all residents mailbox regarding instructions on signing up for the groups.
No update.   Due to Covid-19 we are going to wait until we determine the next public event.
Old Business:
Rewriting of our By-Laws for the neighborhood is in progress.
New Business:
Ground Water – Residents at the end of Trowbridge would like to build a French drain to help alleviate the water problem in their yards.   The Crossings HOA approved it.


Ground Water – Residents on Nottingham are going to add French drains as well to alleviate the water problem in their yards. We recommended this concern to the township and they told them what needs to be done.  The Crossings HOA approved it.


Elections – No new people have signed up for the HOA board, so we will continue to function with the current members in their current roles.
Upcoming Events:
Next Meeting:
The next board meeting will be on May 27th at the Phase 1 Common Area. If the Covid-19 restrictions are not relaxed then we will have a virtual meeting.