Crossings HOA Meeting Meeting – January 8, 2020

The Crossings Homeowners Association
HOA Board Meeting
Date:  January 08, 2020
Location: Bogdon’s Residence

The meeting started at 7:00 PM. All board members were present. There were no residents present.  The previous month’s minutes were approved.
Treasurers Report:
Checking -      $16,646.31
Savings -           $ 5739.79
Escrow -          $1,600.69
There have 2 resale certificates issued and there is 1 house currently for sale. 
We have received dues payments from 82 residents.   We will be sending out a reminder before the due date at the end of the month.
The budget for 2020 was approved and will be sent out shortly to all residents.
No new update
Web Site and Social Media:
The Crossing’s HOA Website has 183 (0) users registered.   There are also 170 (+4) Facebook members in the Crossings Neighborhood Group.
The board approved to migrate to Mailchimp as our official communications platform.  The website will still exist for documents and historical information, but official communications from the board will occur via Mailchimp.   There is nothing required for residents to receive new emails.
Starting in 2020, we will be sending out an automatic welcome email to any new resident.
Light up night was an absolute success and the board would like to thank everyone who participated.   I believe this year was the most residents we had participated in a while.   We are looking forward to the 2020’s luminary night.
We are currently starting to plan the End of School Social event as well as the neighborhood happy hour.   Once we nail down the date we will communicate the details.
Old Business:
Rewriting of our By-Laws for the neighborhood is in progress.
New Business:
Chris Bogdon will be representing the Crossings HOA at the Cranberry HOA Neighborhood Forum on Monday 13th, 2020.
Upcoming Events:
Next Meeting:
The next board meeting will be on March 25th, 2020 and it will be held at Kendlick’s residence at 301 Winchester Court.