Crossings HOA Board Meeting Minutes – 7-31-19

The Crossings Homeowners Association

Annual Board Meeting

Date:  Aug 31, 2019

Location: Phase One Common Area

Meeting started at 7:00 PM. All board members were present except Brenda Haney, Carrie Silvers, Keith Meyer and Andrew Welch. There were three residents present.  Previous month’s minutes were approved.

Treasurers Report:

Checking -         $9674.43

Savings -           $ 5739.05

Escrow -          $1,100.32

There are 8 resale certificates issued and there is 1 house currently for sale. 

The resident who has not paid their escrow deposit has not paid the required amount.   We are contacting the person again!


We have been continually working with JML Landscaping to address the concerns that everyone has.   We are confident that the problems will be fixed in the future. 

Web Site and Social Media:

The Crossing’s HOA Website has 182 (-1) users registered.   There are also 164 (+1) Facebook members in the Crossings Neighborhood Group.


No update currently

Old Business:


New Business:

We have had several residents complain about drainage issues in their yards.   We have referred these complaints to Cranberry Twp.

We have received a complaint about a post light that is out on a vacant house.   We will be contacting the owner of the rental property to repair the light.

We had one resident asking about parking on the street and we referred them to Cranberry Twp. regarding the restrictions.

Brian Kile attended the Cranberry HOA Forum.   They discussed two items:

  • The new restrictions regarding ponds in neighborhoods. In addition to this our sewage rates will have a $3 fee added to our bills each month due to the cost of mitigation in 2020.   In addition, in 2021, there will be a $6 fee added to our bills monthly.  
  • They also had a lawyer present about best practices for HOAs. Brian’s opinion is that we are in very good shape with our covenants and the way we structured our board.

Upcoming Events:

None Upcoming

Next Meeting:

The next board meeting will be on Wednesday Aug 21st at 7:00pm.  It will be held at the Phase One Pavilion.