Crossing’s Annual HOA Board Meeting Minutes – Apr 29, 2019

The Crossings Homeowners Association

Annual Board Meeting

Date:   Apr 29, 2019

Location: Phase One Common Area

Meeting started at 7:00 PM. All board members were present except Keith Meyer and Brenda Haney.   We had four residents attend the meeting.  Previous month’s minutes were approved.

Treasurers Report:

Checking -      $22,184.78

Savings -          $ 5,738.64

Escrow -          $1,100.05

There are 6 resale certificates issued and there is 1 house currently for sale. 

All residents have paid their yearly dues.

We will be contacting the one resident who has not provided the escrow requirements for rental properties. 


The contractor that addresses the paving of the Phase 1 Trail will be returning in the spring to correct some of the issues that were discovered with the trail.   We discussed the repairs and we are waiting for the weather to break.   However, rest assured the path will be addressed.

The two new picnic tables have been installed.  We are contemplating adding a third table.

We decided not to add any new trees into the Phase One Common Area,

We are investigation the option of repairing the trail that connects Hunting Ridge Trail and Crossing Ridge Trail through the woods.   We were unable to do a walkthrough since the ground was pretty muddy.   We will continue to investigate.

We have discussed the possibility of either installing grills or possibly a fire pit.   We are trying to get quotes and pricing for both before we decide.

The spring cleanup will be on May 18th at 9am.

We will be replacing the basketball hoops shortly.

We’re currently doing a walkthrough with JML to show them all the areas that need addressed throughout the year.

We removed the trees that were causing pine cones to fall in a resident’s yard.

Web Site and Social Media:

The Crossing’s HOA Website has 182 (+2) users registered.   There are also 163 (+2) Facebook members in the Crossings Neighborhood Group.


The Garage Sale is confirmed for May 24th and 25th from 9am to 2pm.   We also are placing new signs out to advertise the garage sale.

We will be having a Crossings Happy Hour on June 7th.   This will coincide with the last day of school.

We also will be having a block party on Wednesday, July 3rd.  

Old Business:

The re-writing the bylaws are tabled for now.   These bylaws represent the rules of the HOA Board.

New Business:

The HOA will be sending an assessment for fines that have been accrued by one resident for violations with the HOA.

We are investigating the costs of running power to the pavilion.

The Crossings HOA is now being represented in the Cranberry Twp. Quarterly HOA Forum.   We will be attending a session on April 30th regarding retention ponds and the requirements for HOA to monitor them

All HOA members have decided to continue to serve on the board. As a result, the following are the positions for the board

PresidentMike Kendlick
Vice PresidentBrian Kile
First Vice President/Social Chair
Carrie Silvers
TreasurerJim Lacey
Director - GroundsKeith Meyer
Secretary/Social Media Chair
Chris Bogdon
Asst. Secretary/TreasurerBrenda Haney

Upcoming Events:

Spring Cleanup – May 18th - 9am

Neighborhood Garage Sale – May 24th and 25th – 9am-2pm

Neighborhood Happy Hour – Friday Jun 7th – 7pm

Neighborhood Block Party – Wed Jul 3rd - TBD

Next Meeting:

The next board meeting will be on Friday Jun 7th at 6:30pm and will coincide with the neighborhood happy hour.   It will be held at the Phase One Pavilion.

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