HOA Board Meeting March 6, 2013

The Crossings Homeowners Association

Board Meeting

Date: March 6, 2013 at 7:00pm

Location: Curran Residence

The meeting began promptly at 7:00 PM at the Curran residence. The following board members were present: Jack Curran, Brian Kile, Chris Bogdon, Kevin Sullivan, and Chuck Kraynik. Ray Speicher was unable to attend.

The open-floor session at the beginning of the meeting was used by Greg Frank who resides at 168 Crossing Ridge Trail. Greg reported that last autumn when the tree-removal project was done, a tree behind his home was topped and then the trunk was cut up and left un-stacked. The topped portion of the tree is rather large and unsightly and the branches were not chipped. Jim Lacey responded that chipping branches was not in the original scope of work. It was noted incorrectly by me in the meeting minutes from the November 6th, 2012 meeting that branches were to be chipped. The Board will organize a work party to cut up the topped portion of the tree and to stack the wood. Greg thanked everyone for attention to this matter and asked to be notified when this work is to be done so that he can join in.

Treasurer's Report

As of 3/6/13:

Savings - $5,720.49
Checking Account balance - $26,761.65

Delinquency notices for 2013 dues were sent to 3 homeowners.

Discussions with the homeowner on whose property the lien was placed are ongoing.


Grounds Report

Bids to remove a tree between 167 and 169 Crossing Ridge were solicited. The work was awarded to Jessen Tree Service. This tree has multiple trunks and to safely drop and remove without damaging any adjacent property will require extra caution and expertise. This work is scheduled to be completed on Friday March 8th.



Chris Bogdon was contacted about putting up a notice on the web-site and calendar for the annual Spring Garage Sale. Chris asked for discussion about whether the Crossings Facebook Page or the web-site is the appropriate venue. The Board talked about this and decided that this information should be posted on the web-site.

Chris also reported that he completed the annual nomination letter and election letter and gave them to Jim Lacey for mailing later this month. There is still one more notice to be included in this mailing that explains the importance of getting a recorded vote on the amended covenants from each household, and Chris will have this prepared within the next few days.


New Business

Jim Lacey reported receiving an inquiry from the HOA Coordinator, Joyce Davis, from One West Bank in Austin, Texas. She requested information on what is owed to our HOA on the unoccupied property at 163 Crossing Ridge Trail. Jim will provide this information to her.

Brian Kile noted that the Park Place developer submitted a revised plan to Cranberry Township. This latest version does not indicate a walking trail connection to The Crossings. Brian said that the Township is aware of this omission and is discussing it with the developer.



Brian prepared another revised draft and sent it to each member of the Board for a final review. We all agreed to study it and provide comments prior to Saturday, March 9th.

The next regular HOA Board meeting is set for 7:00 PM on Wednesday, April 3rd at 7pm at the Kraynik residence at 138 Crossing Ridge Trail.

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