Crossings HOA Meeting Minutes – Aug 29, 2004

The Crossings Board Meeting

Date: 8/29/04

Meeting Attendee’s

Jack Curran

Dan O’Connor

Pat Mullen

Pat Francis

Mike Koma


Ray Speicher

Rick Mason


Follow Up Items from Previous Meeting


SPECIAL MEETING:   Rock/Entry Sign Update: Rock needs to be moved

Meeting Notes


Township notified us that the entry sign/rock at the corner of Crossing Ridge will need to be moved due to widening of Rochester Road.  We will insist that the Township pays for the rock move, which they have agreed to do. We will be moving the rock to the opposite corner, upon approval from the resident located at 301 Winchester Court.

Follow up from last meeting: Mike Koma has received approvals for wiring of entry signs and everything is ready to go.


Residents not using their front yard lights have continued to be a concern.  There are too many Crossings residents who are not lighting their front yard lights per our covenants.  Jack has suggested writing a letter to the residents of the Crossings to insist that they get their lights in working order


Denise Slusser stopped by to ask for reimbursement of $61.42 for neighborhood mailings and expenses for recent neighborhood programs.

Denise asked Dan for Welcome binders, which Dan will provide to Denise

Next Steps



Person Responsible

Due Date

Entry Signs

Mike and Ray to follow up on movement of rock at Crossing Ridge entrance

Mike & Ray

Sept 12

Next Meeting

Mike Koma’s house


Sept 12@ 7pm